How to clean jewellery at home

The best way to begin is gently with a bowl of warm water, a bristle brush and a splash of washing up liquid. Easy! It’s especially important when cleaning ceramics that you are careful what products you use as any porous texture will soak up whatever it comes into contact with.

When it comes to gold and silver jewellery, they are a little tougher and many people swear that white vinegar does the trick!

Cleaning sterling silver jewellery

There’s a recipe that many people love: baking powder, salt and boiling water. Make sure you line the bowl you’re using with tin foil first, then place your jewellery on the tin foil, sprinkle it with baking powder and salt (roughly 1tsp for every cup of water) then pour the hot water over it until your jewellery is covered. Keep an eye on it and you should see the tarnish disappear and the sterling silver reacts with the concoction! Then remove your jewellery and pat it dry. Make sure you do not do this for gold as gold is a much softer metal.

Stop your jewellery getting tarnished

Prevention is way better (and much easier than cleaning jewellery all the time) so to stop ceramic, gold and silver pieces getting dirty or tarnished in the first place keep them away from water and store them in felt, ensuring your jewellery stays dry and protected. It’s also a good idea to take them off while doing the washing up – although perhaps place them in a little bowl so they don’t get lost amongst the dishes.

We hope these tips help keep your jewellery looking shiny and polished!