Welcome to our new Valerie & John Ceramics blog

We’re thrilled to be up and running with a blog ready to fill with updates about our store and new products, insights into our day-to-day activities and whatever advice we think we can offer up for anyone getting stuck into ceramics.


All of our ceramics are handmade at a small pottery studio in North Devon, Tarka Pottery, and our selection is always changing and growing as we seek out new inspiration for our pottery designs.

Nature and landscape is at the heart of our design, we regularly incorporate intriguing textures from leaves, bark and other natural objects into what we make, and it’s always exciting to get started on a new collection of work when the seasons change.

Seascapes and ocean waves can often be spotted in our work too, with running water and ocean waves being a continual source of delight for creators everywhere and we’re no different!

When light and water play together, a wealth of colour can be uncovered, and we regularly test out glazes in blues, greens, pinks and oranges to try and distil the feel of playful waves, splashing raindrops and beach sunrises onto our ceramic vessels.

Finally, we have a collection of carefully hand-painted designs which offer up a touch of vibrancy and fun.

These ceramic bowls, plates and mugs are carefully glazed with wonderful illustrations and phrases to brighten your day, each one hand-painted making it entirely unique.

This new online journal will introduce any new collections, offers and sales, and provide general chat about clay and ceramics.

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