My favourite collections

While the shop is a real mish-mash of ceramics from me and my family, this is a place where I can lay out my favourite personal collections and pop in a few words about the inspiration behind them. 


Ocean earrings

Inspired by the ever-changing colours and swirling currents of the sea. Hazy pink sunsets, navy depths and the green/blue of waves lapping on the sands. 


Botanical earrings

As houseplants, gardening the great outdoors have overtaken the last few years, they have overtaken my earrings! Monsteras, butterflies and daises all show their faces in this collection. 


Textured pots

New pottery in the works. I've decided to go back to absolute basics to showcase the porcelain clay itself. Unglazed and just with carved patterns, these plant pots will be fired and ready to photograph soon.